About This Pen

This pen is a Univer, one of the Sheaffer sub-brands. At 5 1/4” capped, it carries much of the Sheaffer appearance, including the black and pearl celluloid pattern and the humped radius clip of the early 1930s. It is curious, however, that its coloration is uniform throughout, like that of a discolored barrel but also in the cap. There is some reported evidence that Univer lacquered some of its black and pearl pens to a different hue, green in this case, and this pen might well be one of those. The pen is in very good condition, showing some wear that polished up nicely, but is neither perfect nor looking worn. The nib is a warranted 14K, not a Sheaffer, which may explain why it is untypically soft, bouncy, and highly flexible, writing a medium to very broad line, even for this left-handed overwriter.

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