Pens listed here are generally either priced at less than $70 or priced at a significant discount for that model because of a noted flaw or repair. A purchase of two or more Bargains will give you a 10% discount on both/all and a Bargains purchase in addition to a main For Sale purchase will give you a 15% discount on the Bargains purchase.
Every pen listed for sale has been disassembled, repaired as needed, thoroughly cleaned, and hand-polished. Pens with sacs receive new sacs, and all filling mechanisms are cleaned, polished, repaired, and replaced as needed. Nibs and feeds are thoroughly cleaned, flushed, and tuned to write smoothly. Additional restoration needed for a particular pen is noted in that pen’s description. I do not use any waxes or finishes, and do not touch up pen color.

How to buy

To purchase or inquire about a pen, please click on the Contact page and send me a note.

Also, note that I have many more pens than those listed here; if you are seeking a particular pen or characteristic in a pen, don’t wait for that pen to appear here, let me know!