Restoration, Consignment, Curation

Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair services are available, as follows: upon request for restoration services, the pen will be sent to Timsvintagepens for evaluation, for which there is no charge, although all shipping is paid by the customer. Please be sure to contact me before shipping so I know the pen is coming; don’t just send it without my agreement to accept the repair. Once the pen’s needs are evaluated, these will be communicated to the customer for acceptance, along with a price estimate. Evaluation of pens for repair usually occurs within 48 hours of receipt, but the actual restoration/repair is then slotted into Timsvintagepens’ work queue. Replacement parts, except for latex sacs, will be extra charges. Restoration fees are invoiced and paid upon completion of the work. 


  • Basic restoration of all pens includes thorough cleaning to the interior and exterior, hand polishing, testing, nib tuning. This service, if no other restoration is needed, is $35.
  • Pens with latex sacs and simple mechanisms: $45 and up; includes sac replacement and Basic Restoration.
  • Sheaffer Touchdown and Snorkel: $55 and up; includes sac and o-ring replacement, filling system renewal, and Basic Restoration.
  • Parker Vacumatic and Vacumatic 51: $65 and up; includes diaphragm replacement, filling system renewal, and Basic Restoration.
  • Sheaffer Vac-Fill and other plunger fillers: $70 and up; includes gasket replacement, filling system renewal, and Basic restoration
  • European Piston-filled pens: $75 and up, including cork or o-ring replacement and Basic Restoration.
  • Complex restorations: priced per pen.
  • Lathe work: $75 and up, in addition to the pen’s restoration.
  • Nib work: Timsvintagepens does not offer advanced nib restoration or customization, but highly recommends the services of nibmeister Joshua Lax at If these services are needed, the pen and/or nib may be shipped directly to Mr. Lax from Timsvintagepens; shipping will be paid by the customer.

Shipping Instructions

PLEASE FOLLOW THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS SO YOUR PEN ARRIVES SAFELY Wrap pens in bubble wrap, with box cardboard over the bubble wrap. If a pen tube is used, tape it closed and wrap it in bubble wrap. Make sure all shipped pens are emptied of ink before shipping. Ship wrapped pens in a small (7x4x4 is usually large enough) shipping box; please do not use padded envelopes, they get crushed in sorting machines. Do not send original pen cases, purchase documentation or any packaging you want returned, except pen tubes; those will be returned. USPS First Class is usually sufficient, but If you’re shipping Priority in a USPS box, be sure to tape over the adhesive edge; don’t trust it to hold. Ship the box to Timsvintagepens, c/o Tim Ettenheim, 107 University Place 5H, New York, NY 10003.

Consignment Sales

Pens accepted for consignment sale are listed on with appropriate pricing for that pen and condition, as determined by Timsvintagepens in consultation with the consignor. Timsvintagepens reserves the right to refuse any consignment, even after receipt, and return shipping for declined consignments is at the pen owner’s expense. The consignment fee is generally 28-40% of net sales (defined as the sales proceeds less any Paypal or other third-party expenses) and includes Basic restoration and sac replacement as described above.  Additional restoration to make the pen saleable is treated as a separate event, agreed upon in advance by the customer, priced as a restoration less 20% discount, and paid for separately from the consignment.  Be sure to see the shipping instructions one paragraph above this one.

Consigned pens are generally listed for sale with the next regular inventory batch and are sold as Timsvintagepens pens. Pens that do not sell quickly will remain on the site for approximately one year; Timsvintagepens will consult with the consignor about future steps. Consignment payments are remitted within one week after each sale’s conclusion, and the consignor’s responsibility for the pen ends with sale.

Curatorial Services

Timsvintagepens offers curatorial review of vintage fountain pen collections, to help individuals or families prepare collections for eventual sale or auction. This process involves precise identification of every collection pen, grading by quality and condition, photography, and information valuation based on pens’ unrestored condition. This service differs with every engagement, so is priced based on the extent of identification and processing required.