Parker 75


About This Model

The Parker 75 was introduced in 1964 to commemorate Parker's 75th anniversary. As with every new Parker pen, it was a new design and carried innovations. In this case, the innovations included an all-new nib unit, which was adjustable and easily interchanged with a different size, a round grip with indented sides for a firmer grip, and a friction cap that did not fit over the barrel. They held both Parker cartridges and squeeze fillers. It has been said that the 75 was perhaps the only pen that experienced increased sales with age. This was in part because of its durability and excellent writing, but also because Parker kept producing it in prorgressively beautiful patterned metals. The Vermeil and Cicele models are highly sought today. There were roughly three generations of 75s: 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s-1990s. The 1960s experienced numerous improvements as the model settled in; those from the 1970s were highly available in stainless steel, and by the 1980s the French Parker subsidiary produced the lacquer series, which sold well into the 1990's.

About This Pen

This Parker 75 Flighter is from the early 1970s, in stainless steel, with the matching indentations in tassie and crown, and gold trim. It has a firm fine nib that flows well but works better for an underwriting right-hander. It is very attractive, without any deep scratches or wear evidence. There is one flaw: the cap fits and holds well, but does spin freely. This is accommodated in the pen’s price.

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