About This Pen

For those who favor “house brand” pens, Krekos were made for the S&H Kress discount department stores in the 1930s. This pen is in a Sheaffer-esque brown and white striated celluloid. The plastic gripping section could be bakelite, since the 1930s were early days for extruded plastics in consumer goods. The pen is typical “dime store” size: 4.5″ long, .5″ across. Its trim is gold-colored plate, including a cap ring with an attractive chevron pattern. The plate is worn off the clip, but it might look better for it. Both crown and base are without trim, but the ends of the celluloid pattern are very interesting. The lever has some corrosion but it strong. The nib, marked KREKO, is untipped, but the folded and rolled steel writes well, a decent fine line. If you want an attractive pen that can be carried without worry, this is your pen!

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