About This Pen

This Ink-O-Graph is from the late 1920’s-1930’s. It is a full-size stylographic pen, 4.5″ long and .4″ across the barrel, in black. It appears to be made of bakelite, a heavier plastic than earlier celluloid. This is a lever-filler, and it fills well. The wire is appropriately loose, and ink flows well when writing vertically. The cap and barrel show some wear, consistent with the pen’s age, but there are no large nicks or deep scratches. The chrome clip and lever are not tarnished and the chrome plate is complete. Curiously, the cap ring is a gold color that is not shiny but also does not appear to be tarnished. The imprint is very deep and easily read; bakelite does not imprint lightly. A fun and unusual pen to own, particularly for precise writing. Give it wet ink and flush well between fills.

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