Tim’s Thoughts

July 2016

Forward to Vintage

What happened to June?  Suddenly, it’s July…June was an interesting month for the my personal evolution as a fountain pen restorer. I accepted, during May and June, just over a hundred vintage and modern fountain pens as a consignment from a significant collector, who is focusing his collection, even as it continues to grow. The […]

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May 2016

A Wearever Returns and a Parker Goes Home

Part of being a collector, even a bit player like me, is keeping track of the pens that got away. No, I don’t mean the the decisions to not buy the Hundred Year Waterman or the lapsed ebay bid — not those pens. I’m talking about the ones I owned and let leave, only to […]

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April 2016

A Modern Pen Joins the Herd

Notwithstanding the physical evidence of my collection, I do appreciate modern pens. Really, I do. The problem has been that I just haven’t had much need for them. Vintage pens is where I started and they fit my love of cultural history, and most of what I use is a product of my workbench. Until recently, in […]

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March 2016

Aurora 88

I haven’t written much about pens I’ve bought for myself, mostly because there have been very few times that I’ve actually bought a particular pen because I wanted it — not a restoration project that appeared and then stayed with me, but for me. My Parker 75, the Columbus Stiliridio, carmine Vac-fill Sheaffer Balance, Waterman […]

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February 2016

Thinning The Herd, Again

Lately, I’ve been thinning my collection. Not drastically, but a minor change in direction. Until now, for a dozen or so pens I have violated my own rule of not keeping a pen that I didn’t use for a year, because they were interesting, would not likely come my way again, were among my first […]

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January 2016

Inventory Issues and Photography

I hadn’t planned it this way, for sure…but I’m essentially out of inventory. There are almost 40 projects awaiting my attention, but only the Ingersoll Dollar remains unsold, and it will wait patiently for the Ingersoll collector to find it. I’ve realized while that I could let this be a problem and quickly restock, it’s […]

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December 2015

The Missing Pen

I’m generally not a possessions kind of guy. Frankly, I don’t care much for things, except for some family stuff, two hobbies’ worth of good tools, my father’s two watches that get worn all the time, my wedding ring that I couldn’t take off if I tried, and my 50 or so fountain pens. This […]

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November 2015

Two New Old Pens

I have two new pens, although neither was purchased to be kept. The first, bought by a friend for me in an antique shop in upstate New York, is a Wearever Bullet from 1946-48. He got it after I said “nope, don’t want it”; he thought this grungy little piece was “cool” while I thought […]

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October 2015

New Friend In, Old Friend Out

During this past summer, our trip to the Netherlands included a stop at PW Akkerman in den Haag and a purchase of a bottle of Royal Akkermanblauw ink in their signature bottle. It’s a beautiful, full, true blue that flows wonderfully. Although time and use will tell if it displaces any of the Waterman’s, Aurora, and […]

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September 2015

Thinning the Herd

I’ve been spending some time going over my collection, and have decided to part ways with a few pens that just don’t work well for overhanded leftiness. This winnowing process has made me love my collection even more, because every pen there has been used in the past year and has, to quote a daughter […]

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