Tim's Thoughts


I’ve recently received an oversize Plexor pen, the first I’ve seen. Plexors are interesting curiosities, perhaps the only Parkers to not carry the Parker name in some form. Their history’s documentation is not unequivocal, but the gist of it is that during World War II, French industry was only allowed to use French or Germany-allied manufacturing materials. With most of the fountain pen manufacturers either closed or their raw materials diverted to the war effort, most of the pens available for sale were either made before the war or were imported as parts and assembled in France. Plexors were the result of an agreement between Parker Pen and an entrepreneur who imported American Duofold parts and assembled them as Plexors. I have not been able to discover whether the Plexor-imprinted gold clips and nibs were produced and imprinted in the Parker factory or in France; it’s a missing piece of the story. But, my Plexor is a very large pen (see the Edacoto 87 Thought of a few months ago; I think these two were the only oversized fountain pens produced in France during the war years.), the size of an oversize Vacumatic or Duofold but not as thick, with a purely Parker appearance. Given my fascination for wartime pens, this is a wonderful find.