Restoration & Consignment


Restoration and repair services are available to existing customers and friends, as follows:  Upon request for restoration services, the pen will be sent to Timsvintagepens for evaluation, for which there is no charge, although all shipping is paid by the customer. Once the pen’s needs are evaluated, these will be communicated in writing to the customer for acceptance, along with a price estimate. Replacement parts, except for latex sacs, will be extra charges.  Necessary work in addition to the estimate will be communicated in writing to the customer for advance approval. Restoration fees will be invoiced and paid upon completion of the work. 

Basic restoration of all pens includes thorough cleaning to the interior and exterior, hand polishing, testing, nib tuning. This service, if no other restoration is needed, is $35.

Pens with latex sacs and simple mechanisms: $45 and up; includes sac replacement.

Sheaffer Touchdown and Snorkel: $50 and up; includes sac and o-ring replacement 

Parker Vacumatic and Vacumatic 51: $55 and up; includes diaphragm replacement

European Piston-filled pens: $60 and up, including cork or o-ring replacement.

Complex restorations: priced per pen.

Lathe work: $75 and up.

Nib work: Timsvintagepens does not offer advanced nib restoration or customization, but highly recommends the services of nibmeister Joshua Lax at


Pens accepted for consignment sale are listed on with typical pricing for that pen and condition, confirmed upon receipt and pricing determined by Timsvintagepens, in consultation with the consignor. Timsvintagepens reserves the right to refuse any consignment, even after receipt, and return shipping for declined consignments is at the pen owner’s expense. The consignment fee is generally 25-35% of net sales (defined as the sales proceeds less any Paypal or other third-party expenses) and includes Basic restoration as described above.  Additional restoration to make the pen saleable is treated as a separate event, agreed upon in advance by the customer, priced as a restoration less 20% discount, and paid for separately from the consignment. 

Consigned pens are generally listed for sale with the next regular inventory batch and are sold as Timsvintagepens’ pens. Consignment payments are remitted within one week after each sale’s conclusion, and the consignor’s responsibility for the pen ends with sale.