Wyvern Envoy

early 1950s

About This Model

Wyvern was an English brand from the late 19th Century until the early 1960’s.  They made a wide variety of pens, including brands for other companies, and were known for excellent nibs.  Perhaps their best known model is the Perfect, one of which is in my collection.  Other models were the Deluxe, the Envoy, and the Ambassador.  Their heyday was before and just after WWII, when their pens were in very attractive marbled celluloids.

About This Pen

This pen is a Wyvern Envoy, from 1949/early 1950s, in what Wyvern called “Copper Rose”.  The Envoy is rarely seen in this pattern; most were black. This pen is a real beauty, shiny, without blemish, and still stickered!  Although stickered, it has been used; there was ink in the feed and in the replaced sac. The trim is missing a bit of plating, the thinness of which was well-known in Wyverns. It is also unusual that the clip carries the Leicester Dragon for which the brand is named.  The nib, true to the sticker, is a semi-flexible broad, and writes beautifully.  Although perhaps not England’s best or best-known brand, Wyvern did make some great writers, and this is clearly one!

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