About This Pen

This grey pen is one of the 1960s models, 13.5cm long capped and 7mm wide below the cap, full-sized. It carries very clean gold trim, which I believe is gold-plate. The pen itself is plastic, shows a little bit of wear, but cleaned up quite nicely.  There are three small cracks in the cap edge, which were repaired but can still be seen, and are reflected in this pen’s price. The Waterman’s barrel imprint is very faint but still legible. The nib is marked Waterman’s, 18Ct, 3B, France. The 3 is presumably the size, but these are not standardized, and that nib appears to me to be larger than a 3.  It writes a nice wet fine line, with a bit of flex and feedback. It’s also a fast writer. A good pen, should wear well, give it a case to protect its finish.

Price: $70 Sold

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