Waterman’s 52Vs


About This Pen

This listing has two matching pens offered for purchase together or singly. Both pens are red ripple hard rubber, in outstanding condition. First, a 52V vest pocket pen. At a touch over 4 1/4” long, it will fit nicely in the hand without feeling too small, and is a comfortable pen to use. The hard rubber is exceptionally clean and not discolored, without scratches or nicks. I am especially fond of the matching rippled hard rubber gripping section. The gold trim is all intact and clean, although the cap ring is missing a bit of plating. The Ideal Clip-Cap clip engraving is shiny and easily read, with no tarnish. The Waterman’s nib is, as one would expect, a touch of firmness and fully flexible. Second, the 52V’s spouse, a 52½V ringtop. It is the same length and girth as the 52V. Like the 52V, the ringtop is in equally nice condition, exceptionally clean and without discoloration. This pen does have a tiny spot of roughness, probably cap wear, low on the barrel, which is not seen unless searched for, and minor evidence of posting wear which is not significant or disfiguring. It is also missing some plating on the cap ring. Unlike the 52V, it has a red/brown feed, which matches the section perfectly. Its Ideal nib is also fully flexible and wet, a tad firmer than the 52V. Prices: 52V: $165 52½V: $155 Both together: $270

Price: $140 Sold

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