Waterman’s 52

late 1910x-1920s

About This Pen

I don’t usually wonder about a particular pen’s history, but how did this otherwise typical Waterman’s 52, imprinted “made in USA”, find its way to a parking lot flea market in Brussels, where I found it in October 2022? It is personalized for J. Driesen; was he a WWI soldier or member of the peace efforts that brought an end to WWI? The pen is a typical 52: black hard rubber, discolored except under the cap. Overall, discoloration aside, it’s in very nice condition. It carries a silver accommodation clip, which normally replaced a lost clip, but in this unusual case there are no marks where the clip would have been, making this a relatively rare unclipped pen. The clip feels like sterling and has a silver mark, but does not have Ideal or Silverix clip markings. The nib is an Ideal, has some nice flex, writes well, but is not a full flex. It even writes for this overhanded lefty!

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