Waterman’s 3V


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Waterman's pens during the 1930s were some of their most beautiful models, and encompassed the most change of any decade. The 30s started with the old 52s, straight ebonite pens, and ended with the Hundred Year Pens and the beautiful Inv-Vues, both top quality, adventurous lines. Between those were the Patricians and Dorics, fine celluloid pens with beautiful trim; the 92/94 series of celluloid pens that were full length with handsome marbeled bodies; and the 32/3/2 series, which were more modest, with economical trim, but also handsome pens. They all sported Ideal gold nibs, most of which were flexible and fine writers. Add 5s and 7s

About This Pen

This pen is a 3V, actually a 3V-G, their Green Quartz model. The 3Vs were considered vest pocket pens, at 4 1/4″ long capped they fit a vest pocket perfectly. Although almost all of the 3s I’ve seen are worn out, this one is in very nice condition, with almost no marking or signs of microwear in the marbled celluloid. The imprints, both on the barrel and the base of the barrel, are clean and easily read. The nickel-plated trim is clean and the clip shiny and unbent, which again in my experience is unusual. In the 3s, the clip and the crown are combined into one plated unit, probably to save cost, but they tend to hold up well. The gold Ideal nib is flexible but not a full flex, a very nice writer. Enjoy it, give it a case to protect its finish!

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