WASP Clipper


About This Pen

The Clipper (“The” always included) was WASP’s major line in the late 1930s. They appeared in numerous styles, including the Lahn colors, a chaotic pattern called Birdseye, and one that resembled a circuit board. This pen, in Lahn Brown, features gold basketweave threads in brown clear celluloid. It is a very handsome pen that was copied by others soon after but without Sheaffer’s subtlety. It is full-size, just short of 5″ long capped and 1/2″ across just below the cap edge. The pen cleaned up very nicely, with no significant scratches or nicks; the barrel and cap, peaked black crown and tassie, are all very clean and shiny. The gold-plated trim is also quite clean, with no pitting. The imprint (THE CLIPPER, WASP Pen Co.), is complete and legible. The nib is by WASP, and writes a fast fine line, typical Sheaffer feel. A special, fun pen, will write well forever, doesn’t need special care or handling.

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