About This Pen

This little pen has the unique distinction of being #1 in my database. I started numbering pens in 2013, then coding the numbers, but the original numbers stuck, and for some reason this must have been the first one out of the box that day. This is a very attractive and shiny little 1930s Waltham, 3 ½” long and ⅜” wide, in yellow and gold celluloid, a lever-filler with gold-tone trim. The celluloid barrel and cap both end with a budget pen’s integral dome in the celluloid. Pretty as it is, this pen isn’t flawless: there is a little cracking in the cap edge, and a little swelling around the lever; both of these are to be expected in pens of this vintage and manufacturing cost level, and they don’t affect functionality. Yes, you’ll probably want to post this pen to write with it, but don’t jam the cap on. Its nib is a Duo Way Tip, and it’s untipped. The nib imprint also says “14k gold plated”, but the plate is gone. The nib writes well, if a little wonky, and it’s a fine. Enjoy it!

Price: $45 $40

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