Walnut Pen Base with Two Pens

About This Model

Just as pens sometimes do not have clues to their manufacturer, the same problem occasionally applies to desk bases as well! Desk bases have been marketed by pen manufacturers since the very beginning as dip pen bases, and they usually have trumpets (the part that holds the pen in place) that fit their pens to keep the pens from drying out. However, sometimes their origins are mysteries....

About This Pen

This is a handsome walnut desk pen base from the 1980s, with a laser-cut image of a ship at sea. It comes with a Cross Classic clone ballpoint pen and pencil set in gold plate. The set is in brand-new condition, really quite handsome; the fittings are brass. If you choose to match this with the Cross set listed below in Clearance, additional discounts will be provided. Note that this item will be shipped priority because of its weight. dimensions: 9″ long, 3.5″ wide, 3/4″ high.

Price: $30

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