Wahl ringtop

late 1910s-1920s

About This Model

From the early 1920s until well into the 1930s Wahl produced small metal ringtop pens, aimed largely at women, in both silver and gold-plated overlays. These were often highly ornate, with small (usually size 2) gold nibs that wrote flexible lines for calligraphic script. Generally speaking, these pens have held up well over time, are usually straightforward restorations. The pencils, which were usually expel only, work well and without the corrosion of ink, generally hold up well.

About This Pen

Classic late 19-teens, early 20s silver overlay ringtop, with a flex nib! It’s a typical ringtop: 3 ⅝” long, lever-filled. This one is silver-filled, so it was polished as far as possible without being overpolished. Some deep tarnish aside, it’s in great condition; no dents or deep marks. The ring is intact and holds securely. Imprint is clearly read. The nib is what one would expect: the 14K Wahl #2, and it’s a wonderful flex writer. As with some other pens listed in recent years, 100% of the proceeds from its sale benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Enjoy it!

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