Wahl Oxford


About This Model

The Depression years were not friendly to any of the pen manufacturers. They all needed ongoing cash flow to stay in business, so produced lower level pens that retained their character but sold at significantly lower prices. Oxfords were Wahl's 1930s budget line, usually very well made pens that did not carry the superior trim of the better models. They are generally full girth but a bit shorter than full size. There were two series: a longer, very solid pen that appeared in 1931, with a branded 14k nib; and the late 1930s true budget pen, a shorter pen with cheap trim and a steel nib. The first line were a nice complement to the beautiful Wahls of the early 1930s, while the latter group was a survival pen, after the Equipoise and Dorics were gone.

About This Pen

This Wahl Oxford is from the second Oxford line, the late 1930s Depression-era budget pen. Of typical length (4.9″) and girth (.5″ just below the cap edge), this is a good example of the output of a great company’s struggles. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the pen; it’s a good third tier pen from a formerly Top Four manufacturer. In a “marine green” marbeled celluloid, it’s clean–no major scratches or signs of significant wear. The silver plated trim is in good condition, although some plate has worn off the cap ring. The Wahl Oxford imprint is complete and easily read. The lever is strong and fills well. The nib is a Select-O-Point, plated steel, iridium-tipped, and it writes fast, smooth, and fine! In summary, this will be a good pen to carry around and enjoy for fast note-taking. Enjoy it!

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