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About This Model

From the early 1920s until well into the 1930s Wahl produced small metal ringtop pens, aimed largely at women, in both silver and gold-plated overlays. These were often highly ornate, with small (usually size 2) gold nibs that wrote flexible lines for calligraphic script. Generally speaking, these pens have held up well over time, are usually straightforward restorations. The pencils, which were usually expel only, work well and without the corrosion of ink, generally hold up well.

About This Pen

Throughout the 1920s, Wahl produced elegant solid gold and gold-filled pens of all sizes, from full length/full girth to miniature. This pen is one of the Miniatures, Wahl’s name for them. It’s a touch longer than 3″ (8cm) and .3″ (.8cm) wide just below the cap. This is a pen that needs to be posted to not disappear in the writer’s hand, but it is well-balanced and writes very well! The gold overlay is nearly flawless, in Wahl’s Grecian pattern. The imprint just below the crown is complete and easily read with magnification. The best part, though, is the nib: Wahl’s size 0 nib, it writes with substantial flex, and is smooth and wet. This pen demands a silk thread to hold it around the writer’s neck; it’s both a wonderful curiousity and a great writer.

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