Wahl-Eversharp Doric


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The Wahl Company appeared in the later 1910s, the result of takeovers and divestitures as business machines and pens grew, diversified, and specialized. The first true Wahl pen appeared in 1921, and included several distinctive innovations that were not available in the more commonly seen Waterman’s, Sheaffers, and Parkers. The innovations included a humped lever, the roller clip and the clip’s attachment to the pen. Wahl also produced All-Metal pens, which were quite complicated, with numerous engineering changes to enable them to not be metal overlays over hard rubber. 1920s Wahl pens were also notable for a wide variety of nib styles and the decorative patterns that adorned metal and hard rubber pens alike. Wahl was late to celluloid, however, but its late 1920s Gold Seal Personal Points, and the 1930s Eversharp Dorics and Equipoise models were sufficiently well-made and stylish to keep Wahl among the largest first tier firms. The Dorics were outstanding, complex designs that are highly sought today, although they are generally quite fragile. Their lower level Oxfords and Juniors were relatively solid but not as durable.

About This Pen

1930s Wahl-Eversharp pens are elegant, in beautiful colors, their 12 faceted bodies fun to hold in the hand, and great writers. Their shapes, with the tapered cap edges rounding neatly over a sloped barrel above the gripping section are quite beautiful and unlike those of any other brand. However, the celluloid Wahl used, which was called Pyroxylin, proved to be more brittle than Sheaffer’s and Parker’s. As a result, the early 1930s Wahl-Eversharp Dorics are getting hard to find now in good condition, particularly in the lighter colors. In addition, Wahl nomenclature is always tricky, since many pens received numerous adjectival names which are used in different order. This pen is a Doric Junior in the Popular Price line, and it might also be a Ladies Popular Price Doric; their features were very similar and overlapped across lines. Regardless of its proper name, it’s a Junior-sized Doric, and a very nice one to boot. It is in Carnelian Red, frankly the first Doric I’ve seen in this color, a rich (I’m told) burnt siena with almost iridescent gold streaks. It’s a smallish pen, 4 3/8″ long and a touch over .4″ thick below the cap ring. It is just long enough to hold comfortably without posting, and very well balanced. The pen is very clean and largely unmarked, with one scuff partway around from the lever that is only noticeable in strong light. The trim is gold-plated, in almost perfect condition, including the delicate, mildly ornate cap ring. The nib is an Eversharp 2 Manifold, standard for the junior and budget lines; true to its name, it is quite fine and very firm. This pen is wonderful for smaller, precise writing. Please give it a case to protect its finish.

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