Unic “His” and “Hers”


About This Model

Unic was one of the major mainstream manufacturers of fountain pens in France for many years. Many hours of searching corporate historical information yielded very little, including a "wayback" listing that described the company (in French) as venerable but little documented. It was organized just after World War I, was a steady producer of decent fountain pens in predictable styling until after WWII. They did produce some decorative models, but never were style leaders. With other firms, Unic closed in the 1960s. Research has not shown a link between the pen manufacturer and the other Unics, most famously the truck brand that later became Iveco.

About This Pen

This is a pair of pens, not quite a set since both are fountain pens. They are by Unic, a prominent French company for many years, and were probably made in the 1950s-1960s. Both pens are of gold from blind cap to nib. A gold master’s mark is present on both, which makes me believe that the pens are 14K and possibly made by a jeweler under contract to Unic. Both pens look brand new, and appear to have not been used, although the clipped pen shows a small amount of age wear. Both have their original accordion sacs, which is how I dated them. The clipped pen is 12.2cm long, and the ringtop is 10.4cm. Both have a Unic script imprint and Unic’s branded lettering imprint on the nib. “His” writes a wet fine line with some flex to a full medium. “Hers is a bit more delicate, writing a firmer fine to a fine/medium. Although I never recommend posting a vintage pen, it is necessary with “hers”. Beautiful, unusual, elegant pens. Wedding anniversary presents, anyone? They are available individually for $105 (clipped) and $90 (ringtop), or $165 for both. Note: all proceeds from the sale of these pens will be contributed to the Muscular Dystrophy Society, with acknowledgement of the donation to the buyer.

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