Unbranded Desk Base


About This Model

Just as pens sometimes do not have clues to their manufacturer, the same problem occasionally applies to desk bases as well! Desk bases have been marketed by pen manufacturers since the very beginning as dip pen bases, and they usually have trumpets (the part that holds the pen in place) that fit their pens to keep the pens from drying out. However, sometimes their origins are mysteries....

About This Pen

This desk base is unbranded, but it is really interesting. It is round, 4″ diameter, in white marble. It has its own inkwell, a cube of glass or crystal with a conical well cut into the top. Over the cube is a black, probably glass lid on a copper hinge, and the well sits in a copper base. The trumpet is of black hard rubber; it did not fit any desk pen I have. The trumpet is inset securely into a brass base, and is a bit broader than any desk pen I have. One has to believe this base predates self-filling fountain pens to be carrying its own inkwell, but it is not found in any catalog I have access to. The marble base is off-white, with no discoloration or chipping. The felt cover underneath is intact. Take it home please?

Price: $50

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