Two 19th Century Nib Holders


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The oldest fountain pens are not normally part of Timsvintagepens practice, but occasionally arrive. The first fountain pens, from the last two decades of the 1800s, were experiment in storing and releasing ink, the dual puzzle that makes a fountain pen a fountain pen. Pens with eyedropper-fed reservoirs were certainly available by 1900, and feeds to work with nibs in releasing just the right amount of ink appeared soon after. Latex sac technology was pretty well mastered by 1910, and the modern fountain pen was available. However, even with the growing availability of "modern" fountain pens, dip pens were very much still in use. They worked particularly well for desk-based writing, and there was a wide range of dip nibs to be inserted and used. Public offices maintained dip pen bases with integral inkwells for signing papers; these were still in use decades later.

About This Pen

These are two nib holders, for dip nibs, from the late 1880s until the early 1900s. Both are mother-of-pearl fit into a gold nib holder. The first is 5.25″ long, with raised points at regular intervals. The second is 4.25″ long, having lost its tip at some point in the past hundred twenty years; it is smooth. Both holders do not show any branding or hallmarks, but are stamped with a fine gothic pattern. In the absence of hallmarks, one should assume they are plated. The nib holders are standard curved nib clips, so should fit almost any dip nib. They come with a contemporaneous pen case, in good condition. It is wood, covered in satin inside and black leather-like fabric outside. Both hooks are intact and hold well. The satin interior is not soiled, although it shows its age.

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