Tip Top


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What is a Tip Top fountain pen? No, I don’t know either. I was hoping that the Instagram post would identify it, but it remains a mystery. And, of course, trying to search on “tip top fountain pen” yields innumerable lists of top fountain pens.  At any rate, it’s an interesting copy of a Waterman’s 52, in red mottled ebonite. No one could confuse this with a 52: the lever mechanism is simple, the clip is a z-clip and shows the seam on the ball, the plate on the cap ring is very thin. That said, the red marbled ebonite is very handsome; it’s a good-looking pen. It does have a noticeable scar: the crown has been gouged with what appears to be a blade, and a couple of the marks are also found near the top of the cap. The imprint is clear and complete, with Tip-Top printed in large capital sans serif letters. The nib, marked “Warranted 14K”, writes a nice wet fine/medium line that has a nice amount of flex. It sounds scratchy but really it’s just singing. A curious, interesting pen that is genuine flex without the pedigree.

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