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About This Model

Tibaldi was one of the oldest fountain pen manufacturers in Italy, having started in Florence in 1916. They made elegant, top quality pens until after WWII, using beautiful marbled and Vacumatic-like patterns. Their top lines, the Infrangibles and Lussos, were truly elegant button fillers in the 1930s and available in many colors and patterns with gold trim. Later, their Impero series had two model lines, of which one is seen today, the Trasparentes, which featured pistons and long transparent barrels in a thin Vacumatic pattern. Trasparentes survived into the 1950s, when numerous other, lower-quality models were produced to survive. Tibaldi shut its doors in the 1960s.

About This Pen

In the 1930s, Tibaldi produced a sub-brand called Giti, named for Guiseppe Tibaldo, the founder, to provide a middle market presence. Made for affordability, these are still excellent and beautiful pens, although perhaps not as strikingly beautiful as the finest Tibaldis. Gitis are only rarely seen today.   This Giti is a 1930-35 button-filling model, marked “Giti, produz. Tibaldi”. In black with white swirls, it is a conversation-stopper (proven by me when I’ve taken it to work…). t is 11.6cm long and 1.25 cm wide, and very comfortable in the hand. My impression, from restoring it, is that this pen is NOS except for my use; its micro-wear is typical of a pen that spent many years in a shop drawer. There is no additional wear. The silver trim is in perfect condition, shiny and without a speck of corrosion. The yellow imprint is of deco design, an added touch that accentuates the pen’s white and black. Its nib is marked “Universal”, and appears to be gold-plated steel. It writes a comfortable fine line with a touch of flex one would expect of a longer-tined nib. Considering the rising demand for and scarcity of special Italian vintage pens, this Tibaldi is an affordable treasure, indeed.

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