Summit S175

late 1940s

About This Model

Summit was the brand name for a line of pens produced by Lang/Curzon, a British pen manufacturer that changed names and owners several times over its history. Curzon made good, perhaps not great, pens, but all the Summits I’ve seen are well made, carry a certain dignity, and have great, expressive nibs.

About This Pen

The typical Summit is a S125, known as the workingman’s Summit; this pen is a S175, which has been described as more highly regarded than the S125, but from roughly the same time period, the late 1930’s until 1950 or so. This pen is a post WWII Mark 2 175, in thick black celluloid. It is 13 cm long, with gold trim and two black jewels, and is exceptionally clean and free of scratches and wear. The original gold nib is a firm fine/medium, but it is English, so there is some give in the nib.

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