Soennecken Schulfüller 


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Soennecken was one of the original, top quality fountain pen manufacturers, with production starting in the early 1890s.  At their peak in the late 1930s, their celluloids and, particularly, their transparent and patterned celluloids in their Rheingold and Präsident models were perhaps the finest of German pens.  Before then, they pioneered in button fill, and then piston-fill designs, were early adopters of celluloid, and competed with Osmia, Pelikan, and Montblanc.  Their factories in Bonn were destroyed by aerial bombing during WWII, but they reopened soon after the war with their most popular models, the 504/506/510 series.  Soennecken attempted diversification, but failed in the 1960s.  Today, their prewar models are among the most desired vintage pens in the world.

About This Pen

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