Smooth Point


About This Pen

And it is! In addition to Smooth, everything about this pen is large, inside and out. It’s a full 5 ¼” long and half inch thick just below the cap edge, and needed my only size 22 sac. This is a 1930s pen, in cafe-creme and brown marbled celluloid. It has a reddish brown peaked crown and matching flat tassie, and very simple trim in gold-colored plate. The name comes from its clip, which indeed has “Smooth Point” engraved down its length, and there is no other imprint or identification. The nib is a Signature, seen on many budget pens from the 1930s, and an 8, in scale with the rest of the pen; it writes a fast wet fine/medium, and it’s Smooth! This pen shows a little wear on the barrel under the cap, from removing and replacing the cap; also a bit of plate is missing from the lever; otherwise it appears new. You can disappear with this pen for a month, write every day, and have ink left… enjoy it!

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