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About This Model

Imperials were Sheaffer’s main line pens in the 1960s, following the 1950s Snorkels. They covered a range of quality, but usually were Touchdown fillers and carried diamond inlaid nibs or Triumph conical nibs. The IV and VI are very closely related to the PFM III and IV, differentiated only by the PFM's greater size. At the lowest level, I's were all plastic, with hooded tabbed nibs and plastic sac protectors. The IV's, on the other hand, had beautiful diamond-shaped 14K nibs and very nice Forticel bodies. The IV's and their 1964 Lifetime, made to commemorate Sheaffer's 50th birthday, are wonderful writers. On a lower level, also in the early 1960s Sheaffer produced a line of almost-Imperials, called Dolphins.The Dolphins appear to have inlaid nibs, but close inspection shows them to be tabbed, hooded nibs that match the two ends of an inverted "V" trim that looks like a diamond. They were cartridge pens, write well, but are distinctly lower level pens than the Imperials. Almost last in this run were the 1970s-1980s Imperial successor pens, although their names were, by now, Stylist, 330 and 440, and others. These were usually cartridge-filled, but some had converters. They are Imperials because of their diamond-inlaid nibs -- sometimes short, sometimes the V-shape. Like the earlier Imperials, these are working pens, will last forever. Last, in the 1990s, Sheaffer returned to its habit of reprising great pens, and issued the Triumph Imperial, a pen that looked very much like the Imperial IVs, with the diamond inlaid nibs, but in a concession to the times, had C/C fillers.

About This Pen

This 1990s Sheaffer is a classic case of Sheaffer’s recycling names and features that worked even thirty years after it was current. (For the purists, it is neither a Triumph nor an Imperial, but much closer to the Legacy line.) Marketing aside, this is a very handsome, beautifully constructed pen that writes like a dream. It has the Imperial generation’s inlaid diamond nib in 23K electroplated gold, a wonderful, smooth, medium nib. Its filler is a Sheaffer converter, not the Touchdown one would expect in an Imperial. The pen is in a very solid, deep chrome; there is a bit of scuff on the body that is inevitable in an all-chrome pen but not readily apparent. The slip cap has a good, tight grip. Finally, its only identification as a Sheaffer is its white dot and a tiny “Sheaffer” on the side of the clip. Beautiful, sturdy pen. Give it a case?

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