Sheaffer Tip-Dip

About This Model

After the Sheaffer Snorkel appeared in 1952, Touchdown pens that were not Snorkels became budget items called Tip-Dips, which continued Sheaffer’s campaign of clean filling but with even less truth than the Snorkel, since it still has to touch the ink to fill. These are plastic pens, with thin chrome caps, but they worked well. With thanks to Jim Mamoulides' scholarship, there were two models: Cadet and Craftsman. The Cadet has solid color barrel and matching cap, while the Craftsman has a chrome cap. These are Touchdown pens, although marketed as pens that one "tipped" instead of submerged, thus not making a mess. Not true: the pen still needed to get ink. In the final analysis, these are later Touchdown pens, and of lower quality than the TM, but good pens nevertheless. Their nibs are more modern, in a variety of widths.

About This Pen

This Tip-Dip Craftsman is, like all Tip-Dips, a lower quality pen with a good Touchdownn filling system. This pen is in Aqua, with a chrome cap. It’s in good condition, with no significant scratches or blemishes. The chrome cap is bright and untarnished. The nib is an M1, a medium, and indeed it writes a nice medium line.

Price: $45

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