Sheaffer Targa


About This Model

Timsvintagepens is not a modern pens restoration and sales practice, but modern pens inevitably find their way to Timsvintagepens. My dividing line between modern and vintage pens is usually the absence of a latex sac and a sac filling mechanism; instead, they usually have cartridge/converters, pistons or captured pistons. Modern, larger batch pens are only rarely made of ebonite or celluloid, are usually made of acrylic resins.

About This Pen

This Targa by Sheaffer (not Sheaffer Targa…) is a very nice user pen, the classic Model 1001 in brushed stainless steel. This is a “everyday carry pen”, safe, well-made, durable as can be, with Sheaffer’s inimitable inlaid nib. The cap holds well, with a firm click. The pen has some superficial wear, including some missing chrome on the clip. It is a wonderful, wet writer; its inlaid nib writes a fine line with a little softness.

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