Sheaffer School pens

About This Model

Timsvintagepens is not a modern pens restoration and sales practice, but modern pens inevitably find their way to Timsvintagepens. My dividing line between modern and vintage pens is usually the absence of a latex sac and a sac filling mechanism; instead, they usually have cartridge/converters, pistons or captured pistons. Modern, larger batch pens are only rarely made of ebonite or celluloid, are usually made of acrylic resins.

About This Pen

This listing exemplifies Clearance: they’re fountain pens, they write pretty well, they deserve new careers, but pricing at the For Sale, or even the Bargain, level can’t be justified. These are two Sheaffer school pens, model unknown. The barrels are clear plastic, the gripping section black plastic. The caps are well worn chromed metal. The nibs on both are Sheaffer 304, and both write a wet enough fine line. These need Sheaffer cartridges; an empty cartridge will be included with each. Each pen is $15 alone; get both for $25.

Price: $25 Sold

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