Sheaffer Premier

About This Model

Sheaffer Balances appeared in 1929 and were Sheaffer’s top production lines from the early 1930’s until after WWII. They were available in numerous lengths, girths, colors and patterns, filled by lever or plunger, and were well enough made that now, with a cleaning and filling system restoration, they make excellent and durable pens. There were two distinct levels, Lifetime and non-Lifetime, and numerous models at different times. The Lifetime designation was carried over from before the Balance's appearance, and was kept to designate higher level pens. They carried Lifetime nibs and a white dot to signify the pen as a Lifetime; in addition, they came with the Lifetime guarantee, which continued for many years until the courts struck it down. After WWII the White Dot was used to denote higher level pens, and then became Sheaffer's brand identifier. Non-Lifetime pens had lower trim levels but were made of the same components; their nibs were very good and were often much softer and easier to write with than Lifetimes. Balances were also designated with numerous sub-model names after the mid-1930s, and the use of Balance was ended altogether after WWII, with the obsolescence of lever-filled pens.

About This Pen

After 1935, Sheaffer was moving away from its original Balance line, starting the changes with new filling systems, new sizes/shapes, and new names. At the top of the line, the oversized Lifetime Balance became the Premier. This Premier is being released from my personal collection, where it supplanted an early 1930s Oversize a few years ago, but is no longer getting use. It is a large but not unwieldy, handsome late 1930s pen: shiny, almost unmarked black celluloid, 5.5″ (14cm) long capped and .5″ (1.4cm) thick below the cap edge. This pen is blemish-free, without any significant marks or scratches, gold trim is bright and tarnish-free. The imprint is deep and complete. The gold Lifetime nib is bright and beautiful; writes a firm but not too firm fine line. It’s a wonderful writing pen, having retained the perfect balance for which the line was named.

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