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About This Model

In 1959, when the Snorkel was discontinued, Sheaffer released a new pen called the PFM, the Pen For Men, based on the Snorkel and with its filling mechanism, but shorter (5.4" long), and thicker (just under .5" below the cap lip and the cap is broader), and with Sheaffer’s elegant inlaid diamond-shaled nib. PFMs were designed to be a bit exclusive, were expensive and never available in quantity, so are not often seen now. Sheaffer was always good at transitions, and the PFM was a brilliant example: using a very successful filling mechanism to bridge to the next appearance, that of the 1960s Imperials. The Imperials were Touchdown fillers, so without the Snorkel mechanism, but the PFM was the forerunner. Sheaffer was in active transition during the PFM's run, and its models, of which there were 8, had shrunk to 2 by 1963. It was withdrawn by 1968, having been superceded by the Imperials.

About This Pen

PFMs, when they’re found at all, are almost always in very nice condition, probably because they have always been somewhat exclusive pens, so carefully maintained. This example, a PFM I from 1959-63, is certainly typical of the marque: shiny black with a deep chrome cap ring and plain clip; the only PFM model without a white dot. The pen is in excellent condition, very possibly unsold store stock when it came to me. It has no scratches or marks to its finish. It fills strongly and holds a relative ton of ink. The nib is, like so many of the inlaid diamond nibs of the 1960s, a super smooth fine/medium. This is a classy pen that wants to be used but will appreciate a case.

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