Sheaffer NoNonsense


About This Model

These are often called economy or student pens, but the NoNonsense pens are their own breed. Clearly reminiscent of the pre-Balance flat-topped Lifetimes, these are tall, crown and tassie-less plastic pens, made of thick plastic and inexpensive trim in most models. They are cartridge fillers, and are known for being indestructible. They first appeared in 1969, and never seem to disappear from production.

About This Pen

This Sheaffer NoNonsense is a Vintage, a dressed up model with gold trim and a gold-plated nib to go with a shiny all-black exterior. A very solid pen, possibly never used, in perfect condition. This one comes with a medium nib and writes very well. It comes with an empty Sheaffer cartridge.

Price: $50 $40 Sold

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