Sheaffer “Lady” set


About This Model

Sheaffer produced a variety of Lady fountain pens from the late 1950s through the 1960s. They were quintessentially of their time, and available in a wide range of appearances. Generally without clips (this is not the Sheaffer Milady Balance!), they were in brightly colored plastics or brushed metallic finishes, some had faux diamond belts around the midsection, some had other "jewels" attached to their barrels. In today's world it's hard to understand that these fit their, or any, time, but they did.

About This Pen

Sheaffer produced Lady Sheaffers several times over the decades, each following a different line than her predecessor. The 1959 Lady Sheaffers were available in several patterns and styles designed to attract women. This pen and pencil set is in a gold tulle over black lacquered steel, a handsome and lightly used set. The fountain pen is 5.3” long and slender, while the matching pencil is just over 5” long. The Lady is a smooth firm fine writer, filled by cartridge; an empty appropriate cartridge is installed. The pencil works well.

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