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About This Model

With thanks to David Nishimura for his scholarship, the Sheaffer Gregg pens were ordinary mid-1930's Sheaffer flat-top models, with Triumph nibs and no Sheaffer imprint. What makes them a Gregg model? These pens were endorsed by Gregg, the company that developed and branded the dominant shorthand method, and they carried fast writing nibs. Gregg endorsed a Waterman 94 line and Wahl/Eversharp pens for shorthand as well, and the endorsement enabled the manufacturer to add a Gregg insignia to their barrels; the insignia is shorthand for "shorthand".

About This Pen

The 1930s were the height of the Gregg shorthand method’s growth, and Waterman, Wahl-Eversharp, Sheaffer, and Esterbrook all joined the chase with branded items. For Esterbrook, it was their 1555 nib; for the others, pens branded with the Gregg name and a Gregg licensed cap crown. This pen is Sheaffer’s entry from the late 1930s. It is 5” long and slim for the presumably female hand, with Sheaffer’s flattened humped clip and Balance lever. Like the others, it is in black celluloid, largely unadorned except for the crown. The pen is very clean, unmarked by significant scratch or blemish; the Gregg crown is complete and brightly colored. Its nib is the correct Sheaffer 3, and, as one would expect in a Gregg pen, it writes a wet extra fine, and it’s a fast writer!

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