Sheaffer Desk Base

About This Model

Sheaffer marketed desk bases from almost their earliest years. Like others, their bases were made of either onyx or blackened glass, and were either plain and sober or highly decorative with sculptured additions.

About This Pen

This Sheaffer Desk Base is a Model 1006, clearly from the later 1920s, although it is apparently not catalogued in any of the Sheaffer catalogs from those years. The base is solid black glass, possibly crystal, with a Lifetime trumpet, green onyx ashtray/paper clip bowl and a bust of Lincoln set in the glass. The layout is interesting: assuming Lincoln faces the visitor, the ashtray is closest to the person behind the desk and the trumpet is in the middle, behind Lincoln. The base is rounded but oblong, again supporting the placement of Lincoln in front. It’s a substantial piece: 9.5″ front to rear, 7.5″ at its widest point, and circumference 26″. Lincoln, probably made of bronze, stands 2.75″ tall.  The base weighs 4 pounds. Its felt, underneath and under the onyx bowl, is all original and intact. Its paper labels are extant as well, although the bottom half of the label showing the model number is missing. The trumpet will fit a full-size Sheaffer desk pen; a pen is not included with the base.

As for visible flaws, the onyx bowl’s top edge has some minor chipping and marks that did not clean out and are probably cigar burns; these are not visible except under close inspection. The black glass has one 1.5″ shallow scratch but is otherwise perfect. The trumpet has some expected ink staining in its interior. All in all, this base is in the best condition of the dozen or so bases listed here over the years.

This a beautiful piece, one of the nicest bases I’ve had. It will look fantastic with your Lifetime desk pen installed in the trumpet.

Price: $225

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