About This Model

Merz & Krell was a producer of fountain pens in Germany since 1920, particularly the Melbi brand from the 1920s-50s, but in addition to their own brand, Merz & Krell was a major producer of parts for Montblanc, Pelikan, and other brands from the 1930s forward. Indeed, Merz & Krell are probably best known for their Pelikan 120, produced under license for Pelikan from 1973-77; they look like true 120s but are a touch longer. In later years, their Diplomat and Senator brands, each with a range of piston-filled models from student to full size, were merged into the Senator brand, and in 2006 Merz & Krell changed their corporate identity to Senator.

About This Pen

From the 1980s — black resin, piston-filled, almost unmarked, filling easily and well. 12.7cm capped and 11.7cm uncapped. The gold nib is marked “West Germany”, and is  fine, almost stubbed.

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