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Salz The Salz Brothers company was one of many pen manufacturers in business in Manhattan from the earliest 1900s; unlike most of the others, however, Salz survived the Depression, and was making pens until WWII. Their pens were generally not fine quality, with parts bought in bulk from other companies, and often with  designs that mimicked finer pens. This pen, from the early 1930s, is a delightful survivor, in green and gold snakeskin patterned plastic. Its cap ring is a close, but far thinner, copy of  those found on Wahl’s very fine Patrician pens. The plastic cleaned up very nicely, and looks new, except for the tarnish on clip and lever and some spreading around the lever. Its length, 4 1/4″, is also typical for a Depression era pen. Saving the best for last, its warranted nib has a little bit of feedback and writes a wet, full medium with almost full flex! A fun pen, probably not up to everyday use forever, but definitely meant to be used.

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