S.T. Dupont Fidelio

early 2000s

About This Model

French minor fountain pen brands do not appear to have been well documented, in English, Italian, or French. There are numerous brands, including such names as SOMA, Stylochap/Old Chap, Mon Plaisir, Mercier, Visor and many others. French pens do have some common comparative characteristics: they are often a bit shorter than American and English pens, are almost always button fillers, often carry "necktie" clips instead of straight clips. I've found their nibs to be responsive and a bit more likely to be medium writers than American pens of the same years.

About This Pen

Is this a vintage pen? Well, no. But it is a beauty and an incredible writer that I thought my customers should get a chance to purchase before the public… S.T. Dupont, currently a property of Dickson, a Hong Kong luxury goods conglomerate, has made luxury items, first and most notably leather goods, since the 1800s. It pioneered gas-fueled lighters in beautiful patterned lacquer over brass, and sells them to this day. It is known to have made fountain pens since the early 1960s, usually lacquered like the lighters. Dupont’s styles are generally either unadorned elegance or highly, even excessively, adorned elegance, and they write very well. This pen, from the Fidelio line of the early 2000s, is in a medium blue lacquer over brass, and has an arresting appearance because, excepting the little black Fidelio lacquer square in the clip, the pen is not otherwise adorned. Its length is typical, at 13.2cm, but because of the brass, this pen is approximately twice the weight of a typical fountain pen, 1.25 ounces. It is filled by converter, which is included. Its trim is gold, probably 18k although I’ve been unable to decipher the hallmark. Excepting the little square in the clip, the trim is plain. This is a used pen, but there is very little evidence of use without a very close inspection. Handsome as this pen’s appearance is, its best attribute is its nib: 585 gold, wraps around the feed in a manner that is unlike any other pen I’ve seen, and is incredibly smooth. It writes a luscious medium line. This is a special pen, would make a very special present indeed.

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