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SAFIS (Italian acronym for "Italian fountain pen incorporated company") was a producer of fine Italian fountain pens from the 1920s-1950s, based in Turin. There is very little published about SAFIS, excepting Letizia Jacobini's fine scholarship. The company is not well known in the USA, but its two best known brands, Astura and Radius, are seen with some frequency. Radius pens were SAFIS' top line, and Astura were mid-market; in addition, SAFIS made many pens for other manufacturers. The main 1930s models were the Superiors and the Extras, and had beautiful celluoids, Doric-like bodies, and perforated cap bands. After WWII, they evolved into slimmer models, often with piston-fillers, and then into lower level pens.

About This Pen

This example of a Radius Superior restored into one of the finest I’ve seen. At 12.5cm long, it is a full-length pen, perhaps a touch slender to be oversized. One of its most elegant features is that the celluloid is of a Vacumatic-evocative pattern, but very un-Parker like in that the pattern flows and even swirls a bit in the cap. The gold clip and cap ring are tarnish-free and very shiny; like most Italian pens of the era, this is a button-filler, and the button is firm. The imprint, which is complete, reads “Radius Superior”,with the registration number following. The nib is also imprinted with “Radius Superior”, as well as “585” for its 18K gold, and “5” for the size. It is a wonderful writing nib; longer-tined than any American nib but not the fullest flexed writer. It writes a lovely wet fine to full medium line. This is a very special pen that should be owned for use but treated with a bit of care to preserve its appearance.

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