Pilot Justus 95

About This Model

Pilot is the oldest fountain pen manufacturer in Japan, and is now a major worldwide manufacturer of pens of all kinds and mechanical pencils. Its fountain pens are known for their precise manufacture, excellent writing quality, and responsive nibs. The Namiki name is also Pilot, and their brands in the US often overlap. With Sailor and Platinum, Pilot/Namiki's higher end fountain pens are considered among the world's best pens, and curiously, their least expensive pens are often considered to be almost as good.

About This Pen

Japan, 2022. This Justus 95 is in the smallest subset of the small subset of modern pens in Tim’s Collection: I bought it for myself. It is a magnificent pen, shiny black resin with delicate vertical chasing to help the grip, deep gold trim, full-sized but perfectly balanced. Its nib is adjustable for softness/firmness and the difference is actually noticeable. The nib is responsive, has a bit of give and is a Japanese medium, so for me a perfect fine. If you’re looking for an elegant, outstanding pen for a present, find one of these at a Pilot distributor!

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