Pick Pen

early 1930s

About This Pen

Pick Pen was a small Cincinnati-based company that made good pens in the 1920s-30s, but like so many, could not manage the business of manufacturing and disappeared in the Depression. This is a celluloid pen, so must be from Pick’s later days. It is a typical lever-filler of inexpensive manufacture, with rounded crown and small black insert, and a similarly rounded base with an even smaller black base. Its size is typical for the form: exactly 5” long and .5” thick. The celluloid is in marbled light and dark greens, similar to Sheaffer’s Marine Green. The trim is surprisingly bright, and the plate is almost completely present. The nib is Pick-branded, a 6, and it writes a very firm but smooth fine. Nice, sturdy, inexpensively made pen.

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