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About This Model

The VS was one of Parker’s lesser lights from a justifiably confused period, a 1946-49 attempt to introduce a pen that looked like a 51 but with far less costly features. It is US Parker’s only button-filled pen of the post-WWII era, using the same button as that used by Parker in England in its contemporaneous Duofold AF . The appearance, however, is all 51-generation, with the navy blue barrel and hood and Lustraloy steel cap. The clip does not have an arrow, and has “Parker” printed vertically down its length. The hood looks to be borrowed from a later 21, but it does not have a filler inside; instead, there is a traditional feed and the large open nib. In its long history, Parker was not above producing hybrid pens, usually to be bridges between eras and effective means of using up parts inventory. The VS is interesting for its progressive feature changes over only three years. They are not often seen, and are good writers.

About This Pen

This VS is from 1947, evidenced by its very faint imprint at the top of the barrel, under the cap. It has a very nice appearance, restored quite cleanly. With the cap off, one can see a couple of nicks in the hood/section and a pitting spot on the cap ring. Neither of these is seen with the cap on, however. The button is quite firm. During the first years of this pen’s short run, the feed was in clear lucite, which can be seen in this pen. The nib is gold, possibly plated as there is no 14K imprint. It writes a smooth, wet fine. A nice pen for daily use.

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