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About This Model

Vacumatics were Parker's main product from 1933-1948, with overlaps representing the generation between the 1920s-30s Duofolds and the 1940s-50s 51s. As with every major generation of Parkers, the Vacumatics introduced significant product enhancement and innovation. "Vacs" were the first major vacuum filler, with a sealed pump pulling ink into the pen's barrel. To see the ink, Vacumatic barrels were made with transparent celluloid, the transparent portions in narrow rings alternating with black and colored opaque rings. Finally, Parker's own arrow clip first appeared with the Vacumatic. Over the years, they were produced in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and in three generations of pump technology. Today, Vacs have proven their durability by the vast number that are still available for restoration and new use.  Good, durable, attractive pens.

About This Pen

When this pen appeared, I realized that I can’t remember another Debutante Vacumatic crossing my bench. It is not just short, at 4.7” long, it is scaled down in length, girth at every location, cap length, and even the clip is only 3/4 as long as my Major! The scaling is so well done that seen alone one doesn’t think this pen is smaller. It has a very pleasing feel, intimate rather than imposing as the large Vacs can be, and fits well in all but the largest hands. This pen is in Golden Pearl, and appears to be from 1947, near the end of Vacumatic production. It is a nice user pen; shows some deep micro-scratching but also shows excellent transparency. The trim is complete and very bright; the imprint is quite faint but legible. This pen writes a firm, but not too firm, fine line. A nice example of a less commonly seen size of a very common pen!

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