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About This Model

Vacumatics were Parker's main product from 1933-1948, with overlaps representing the generation between the 1920s-30s Duofolds and the 1940s-50s 51s. As with every major generation of Parkers, the Vacumatics introduced significant product enhancement and innovation. "Vacs" were the first major vacuum filler, with a sealed pump pulling ink into the pen's barrel. To see the ink, Vacumatic barrels were made with transparent celluloid, the transparent portions in narrow rings alternating with black and colored opaque rings. Finally, Parker's own arrow clip first appeared with the Vacumatic. Over the years, they were produced in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and in three generations of pump technology. Today, Vacs have proven their durability by the vast number that are still available for restoration and new use.  Good, durable, attractive pens.

About This Pen

This Vacumatic is from 1941, in Silver Pearl celluloid.  Its various era-defined parts are consistent: split arrow clip, jewels on both cap and barrel, Speedline metal filler.  It measures 5 1/16” long and .45” wide, so is a Standard. It is in very nice reconstructed condition.  The grime from its many years in a garage shop cigar box apparently protected it well, because the pen is almost unmarked, with very nice transparency. The trim is completely clean and clear of blemish, as are both jewels, which are black. The pen fills nicely and holds a sizable amount of ink.  The nib is gold, probably original, and writes a smooth fine line with a little softness, not as firm as so many Vac nibs.

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