Parker Sonnet


About This Model

The Sonnet was Parker's successor to the 75, and it was both a necessary and tough act to follow. In addition, by the early 1990s all of the then-current Parker models were at least a decade old, and the marketplace was moving on. The Sonnet was designed to cover a range of bases -- a "classic" pen, a gift pen, special nibs, a beautiful pen. As a result, the Sonnet was designed in numerous finishes, metallic and lacque. As late as 2008, Sonnets were still being produced, in new and repeating designs. Very good pens, excellent writers.

About This Pen

2008 (per date code) top-of-line Sonnet Premiere Blue Lacque, denoted by its broad gold cap band and gold clip, blue swirled lacquer barrel and cap, and engraved solid 18K gold nib. It carries the PW maker’s mark confirming that it is of French production, from when Rubbermaid owned both Parker and Waterman. Nib is wet medium.

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