Parker Senior Duofold


About This Model

Parker's Duofold was the successor to its early pens, the numerous and various Jacknifes and Lucky Curves, appearing first in 1921 and lasting until the late 1930s. Its first transition kept the Lucky Curve name, and its feed, for the first few years, but more importantly effected the shift from ebonite to celluloid, the Dupont brand it called Permanite. Duofolds came in Seniors, Juniors, Ladys, and Juniorettes, as well as desk pens, and are easily recognizable for their "derby" crowns and detailed imprints. Later, starting in 1930, Duofolds adopted tapered barrels and caps, and were now Streamlined Duofolds; their lengths at each model were a few millimeters shorter as well. They were very well-made, solid pens, so are often found today in surprisingly good condition, even after decades of steady use. Their nibs are usually firm, but they're excellent writers.

About This Pen

Senior Duofolds aren’t often seen these days, and most that do appear are true collectors’ pens. This 5¼” long jade Senior is not a collector’s specimen; it suffers from the typical discoloration of the early jade celluloids and is missing some of its plating. In addition to the complete Duofold imprint, it also has three complete name imprints and three additional attempts at personalization. William H. Orth either really wanted to see his name when he used the pen, or was using it for imprinting practice. The very large Lucky Curve nib is quite stiff, and writes a very fine and somewhat dry line. The writing sample was written by a righthander. Even accounting for its issues, one doesn’t come across affordable Senior Duofolds every day. A hefty discount awaits an Orth-named buyer.

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